Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Core 5

As I have come to relax more, I am discovering that this school year is the best we have had—and we have had fabulous years! In each core of Sonlight that we’ve used, I have felt free to set aside books that did not appeal to us for one reason or another. Others we have not enjoyed, but we pushed through for one reason or another.

I still feel that I have the freedom to opt out of reading a certain book, but have not needed to act on it. The books selected for the Core that explores the Eastern Hemisphere are wonderful. I wish I could come up with just the right superlative to express our delight in them, but I can’t.

One element I most appreciate is the scheduling. We are reading the books intended for student reading out loud, and they are scheduled to begin alternately with the books assigned for reading aloud. So we being one book while in the middle of another. That has worked out so well for us. We have time to fall in love with one when beginning a new one. We read the new one with a strong preference for the ‘old friend.’ By the time the old book is done, we've fallen in love all over again with the new book, which becomes the old as a truly new book is introduced and the cycle begins again.

In the Bible portion of our lessons, we have a book called Remembering God’s Awesome Acts. I enjoy this book so immensely, that I would go so far to say that using this book is worth the price of the Bible program all on its own. It is very broad in its scope, likely a survey course in nature.

One of our recent lessons called for us to map the genealogy from Adam to Abram. It was set on a timeline and included each man’s lifespan. This intrigued me to such a degree, that it became what I shared at our church meeting.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience and giving us this little glimpse into your homeschool year. I always enjoy reading about good experiences with Sonlight [smile].


  2. Thanks, Luke! I am walking on clouds because of Core 5!


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