Monday, December 13, 2010


December2010 003December2010 002We got to do a couple of neat demonstrations to help understand more visually what happens in the different stages of digestion.  First we squished bread in a Ziploc full of water to show how the muscular contractions and fluid in the stomach help to break down food.

December2010 004December2010 005Then we showed how once in the duodenum the gall bladder plays an important part in breaking up fats by adding soap to a oil and water mixture.  We tried it once, and it was difficult to see.  So we did it again after coloring the water green.

We are having a wonderful time with all the fun mini books, experiments and demonstrations.  I continue to be surprised when I read the text and stop to explain or expound on a certain point and return to the text to read the same explanation!  

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