Thursday, December 2, 2010

Please?? I will take the best care of it!

00262963What does she want?  A kitten?  Yet another puppy?  Maybe something more manageable like a hamster or parakeet?  Nope.  She wants a seal.  She says that they will sleep together in the same bed together and that she would love her and take care of her so very well that I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

My more practically minded son has a better grasp on size, food and poop, which I appreciate.  He even reminds her that they eat penguins—a collective favorite animal in my home.   But she will not be dissuaded.  As a last plea, she offers to make it an outside pet.

What do you think?  Should I get a seal?


  1. Tell Madi, that God intended that seals belong in the water. She does not have a large enough space to keep a seal and make it happy. Instead how about a book report, some real digging into the computer library on seals, their habitat, what they like, how long they live, do they have families, and it goes on and on.


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