Sunday, December 12, 2010

More puppy than House

I love our new pup. She is adorable! But she is also all puppy. I don’t feel like I can keep up with her energy, and our two year old Beagle certainly can’t! The puppy is always up for a wrestle, and she is such a little sister. She nips at the dog’s ears, barks, runs away and turns to see who is chasing. Often, poor thing, it is no one.

She tears around the place having a ball and is utterly confused when she gets in trouble. Toilet paper is a favorite, but she won’t refuse to play with anything she finds in a trash can. Shoes are good, too. An occasional finger isn’t bad either.

It is so difficult yelling at her because she is ridiculously adorable. I hear myself saying things like, “No, bad dog. Don’t do that! Man! You’re cute!” I figure if I still sound angry, it’s ok, right?
November late 2010 007
Isn’t she sweet? I’m rather fond of the one with whom she is snuggling, as well!

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