Saturday, December 18, 2010

No more braces!!!

December 2010 ~ 037 Wooo hoo, baby!  He is free!   After more than two years, his braces are finally off!  So exciting. 

Next stage are the retainers.  Until he gets used to them, there is the possibility of him spitting them out during sleep, so the dogs aren’t aloud to be in the room to protect those $400 appliances.  My daughter sleeps in a loft bed, so putting the puppy in there is really setting her loose before she really deserves that trust.  The puppy has also claimed the daddy as the favorite so she likes to sleep with her long hot-dog body pressed against the length of his leg—making for not a good night’s rest for the breadwinner.  What to do?  Sleep dep time.  Hopefully darling son will get used to the retainers quickly so we can resume normalcy and I can get some sleep!

There is something strange in the celebration.  He has retainers on both the top and bottom teeth, and so his speech is impaired.    It brings a strange mix of emotions to hear him struggle with his speech again.  I know it won’t last more than a few days, and there is a perfectly good (and temporary) reason for it.  There is still something bitter sweet in the memories.

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