Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I picture a big pool filled with playful swimmers.  Do I wander about, staying alert to those in the pool in case of emergency, watching those out of the pool for opportunities to chat or help?  Maybe I get in the water, but I use the steps, move slowly, so that I can maintain an alert countenance.  I know I want to be responsible.  But I don’t know how.  Where is the best place to be?  It is so hard to know, especially when everyone else seems to be diving in head first.

I look about and realize I am the only person outside the pool.  How did that happen?  I’d assumed there was an understanding between just a few of us that we would abstain from the play so we could be lifeguards, gofers, and ‘accessible.’  But I guess that is what I get for assuming.  Am I wrong?  Should I dive in, too?  Or now MUST I stay out, as the ONLY one left?  I don’t know…But, man, it is cold and lonely up here alone.

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