Monday, January 3, 2011


Denial and I can be pretty good friends sometimes.  Most often when it comes to the need to do some deep cleaning.  The problem is not that I am a slob.  I don't even mind the work or time it takes to get things in order.  I just resent it the NEED for it.  I always feel that it wasn't that long ago that I did a deep clean and if we would all just work to maintain it, then a deep clean will never be needed again (again…again…again…).  Have I introduced you to my friend, Denial?

I have been warning the kids that their rooms are just not cutting it.  Up until the last big clean, they were each allowed only one toy in their room.  Since the last purge, however, I have let them keep all of their things in their rooms--more to meet the needs of my darling husband's image of a proper garage than anything.  But it is just not working.

My son has a legitimate excuse.  His toys tend to be of the contraptions-constructed-from-tiny-parts variety so he has a model of a T-Rex, a city building, a K'Nex roller coaster and countless Lego creations.  Seriously, WHERE do you put all that?  He needs a room of giant display shelves. 

My daughter, on the other hand, is just as creative but has plenty of storage.  The girl has 15 drawers in her room, plus two desks and a bookshelf, with plenty of floor space besides.  Her problems are that she is a pack rat and that her creations tend to be either on paper or of the paperweight persuasion.  So scraps and scraps of art, picture frames and knick-knacks literally litter her room.

It is time.  *sigh*  I must send my dear friend packing and tackle the house again.  It pains me.  Even if Denial moves out, we still keep in touch and I just can't believe that I have to purge and clean so freakin' often!

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