Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The first task I gave both kids in cleaning their rooms was to try on every scrap of clothing they had.  We made the typical "keep," "give-away" and "throw-away" piles.  

It is funny how they tackled this task so differently.  My son disappeared into his room for twenty minutes, came out a couple of times to ask how one would know if shorts are too small (my rule of thumb was if your belly, ankles or wrists show when stretching it was too small) and was done.  I went in and found a couple of things in the keep pile that were too small, one thing that belonged in the throw-away pile and I needed to resort some of the choices in the give-away and throw-away piles.  Not too bad for working on his own.  As I folded and cleaned up, I had cause to wonder just how much attention this task received.  Imagine my surprise at finding my husband's underwear in the keep pile!!

My daughter has to try on everything while serenading herself.  She has to stop and dance in a new style with each ‘outfit.’ She also had me approving EVERY SINGLE article of clothing.  She has at least twice the number of clothes that my son has, so this first step takes hours.  I had to laugh at one point, though.  As I was sorting through my boy's stuff, she came in wearing a TIGHT pair of brown cords.  The fly wouldn't even go up.  I laughed and said, 'a little tight, huh?'  She laughed, too and asked if she could show her brother before she took them off.  At what age do we NOT care to announce that our pants won't zip??

Madi 007She took so long going through clothes that we needed to take a lunch break.  When she resumed her duties she came out to me laughing so hard she could hardly walk.  First my eyes fell to what she was wearing as pants and couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Was she wearing my body shaper?  My husband’s underwear?  She was laughing so hard that she couldn’t tell me what was going on.  I finally let my eyes roam up to her face and only then realize she has pants on her arms and panties on her head!  That is when I figured out she had a shirt on her bottom.  What a nut!

Postscript: I just showed her the picture and let her know I sent it to family and was putting it on the blog like she asked me to do.  Her response: ‘I didn’t know I looked that silly.  I am a little embarrassed.”  She’s a keeper!

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