Sunday, January 16, 2011

I will not apologize

I praise the Lord that we were able to get someone out here to look at our washer—my hands and arms are the most thankful, no longer needing to desperately wring out clothes and towels from the non-drained washing machine.  What a sweet, sweet sound is the the spinning and trickling of water through the pipes!  Praise Him!!

I called the guy out when the overtime check came in (Praise Him for that, too!).  I was excited he arrived before my husband came home (well, sort of), so that all would be well when he walked in after a long day’s work.  All that was needed was a clearing of an obscure filter.  He showed me the contents (STINKY!) and I set them aside.  As I was paying he said, ‘there were sure some interesting things in that filter!’  I just sort of laughed and sent him on his way. 

What was I supposed to say?  I didn’t look too closely at what came out of the filter because the smell was truly odious, but I am sure there were hair bows and Lego pieces.  His comment reminded me of when plumber came in to clear our kitchen sink.  There were some interesting things in those pipes, as well, including a paint brush.  That guy, also stood looking at me as though waiting for something.

What?  An apology for having kids? Nope.  We bought this house.  We pay the mortgage—when we can.  I will gum up the pipes with builders, paint, crayons and hair bows all I want!  I am not suggesting that I am purposely destructive or neglectful, but come on!  We’ve lived here for ten years.  There is going to be a paint brush or two in our remains!  And I will even be a little bit proud.  Smile

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