Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brother Jeff

My brother-in-law is facing a possible life change that will be pretty substantial.  He is blind in one eye already, and the ‘good’ eye is not doing so well.  In October the retina tore.  The doctor thought he had been able to exact a fix on it, but the scar tissue forming around the procedure is causing the entire eye to sort of bunch up, rendering his vision pretty poor again.  On February 3rd, he is going in for surgery to cut the eye and fill in the spaces where the scarring was so as to maintain the shape of the eye.  It is considered a last-ditch effort to save his vision and the procedure itself, especially on his fragile retinas, is far from a guaranteed fix.

He is pretty down about his future, and does not acknowledge the existence of God or his need for a Savior.  We have been praying for him to be at peace and for healing.  We also pray that no matter what happens to his physical eyes, that his spiritual eyes are opened to see His glorious Creator so that he will run to Him.

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