Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Will

When people realize their freedom, there are several possible reactions.  One is to freely, joyfully commit to life and community, giving of oneself from motivations absent of fear.  This is a lovely thing—a godly thing.  The Lord made us for relationship, family and friends living together as helpers and encouragers.

Others revel so deeply in the freedom newly received that they detach entirely.  Fear of becoming burdened actually becomes a new law.  Freedom becomes a new god. 

This can lead to a life that is lonely and even frantic.  It isn’t easy living this life as an island.  Separating from all obligations and commitments to long-term community in the name of freedom leads to this island-style life. While commitment does mean there are times that the priority is no longer ‘me and mine,’ the simple fact is that when life is led looking out for number one, there is no freedom.

The big lie is that living without commitment means you aren’t obligated to anyone else.  The truth is that now you are the only one handling all of your problems!  You may not ever have to sacrifice for others, but your life will be defined by taking care of yourself.  Every trial, every triumph and every boring day is all yours.

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