Sunday, January 23, 2011

A great birthday

So, yesterday was my birthday.  I love birthdays.  Too much, I am sure.  I go for the whole ‘princess-for-a-day’ idea.  Not that that is how things work out, though if I had my way, I would have thousands of dollars to spend on the birthdays of people in my life each month.  Nowadays I am only allowed to send eCards.  Lame to my overly-grand way of thinking.

Back to my own birthday.  My darling husband is turning 40 on the first of February.  That is far more significant than my own 37.  He is also planning a trip to visit with his brother for a couple of weeks, which costs money.  I am going to my sister’s, and then hosting my niece and nephew for a couple of days.  Doubling the number of kids in the house more than doubles the amount of food consumed.  And we are all fighting illnesses of one degree or another. 

So we have a lot working against any hope of a grand birthday, and I am ok with that.  As much as I like something fabulous, I am enough of a church girl to know I should be ashamed of such greed.

But I will tell you, I can’t have asked for more.  The night before my birthday, my older sister and I talked and she gave me a gift card for my FAVORITE type of chocolate.  My girl made me breakfast in bed and got a big box and filled it with all sorts of things.  She made me a little pillow, gave me some of her jewelry, lip gloss and barrettes.  She tried to give me money, but I convinced her to take that back.  She was so please with my opening and going through all she gave me.  My heart was touched by her excitement over giving.

After that, I snuggled with the kids a while, then we started the day pretty late.  I got to chat a long time with my little sister, then my dear hero came home.  No overtime on my birthday!  We played a game, ate some ice cream—I am not a real fan of cake, so he even surprised me with a pumpkin pie.  We watched National Treasure and my gal put lotion on my feet!!  I am loved and pampered every day.  I guess I don’t need one day to remind me I am loved.  I am spoiled.  I just need to be sure I don’t get rotten!

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