Monday, January 17, 2011


We have taken another step forward in our trek through the Eastern Hemisphere and have entered the country with such a long history: China!  My kids saw, way back on Box Day, my kids saw the beautiful China Treasure Chests, but were not allowed to peek inside.  On our first day of studying China, we opened them!  What excitement!  They sure packed a lot into those little boxes and my kids oohed and ahhed all over them. 

Now we have something neat to anticipate each week as we use each piece of treasure.  We will decorate a traditional fan, build a section of the great wall, use a traditional calligraphy brush and ink stone, work with a beautiful map…  So cool!


Box Day 2010 001Box Day 2010 005Box day!  We got the supplies to this year’s school back in June.  We had to finish up the year we were doing before we could being this new adventure—which we did in October.  Now we are in week 11 and exploring China!


China Treasure Chest 2011 004China Treasure Chest 2011 002Each child has his and her own treasure chest, so they will be able to use all the contents to the fullest, infusing each activity with their own unique style and personality.  Have I mentioned that I am LOVING this school year?  (I could drop kick the stinking workbook and encyclopedia, now more than ever, and wish there were a better way to attain the vital information regarding each country, but every rose has its thorn, yes?)

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  1. I'm so glad you are loving this year [smile].

    Thanks for sharing this glimpse in your year!



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