Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why must we go to extremes?

This is a controversial subject among many Christians.  I was recently challenged on the topic again.  One of the things I struggle with—as is so often the case—is not the matter at hand, but at the peripheral issues.

I am talking about the Spiritual gift of speaking in tongues.  I don’t have any problems with people speaking in tongues (and I haven’t any problem with people who don’t speak in tongues).  In fact, my parents were removed from the church sponsoring their missionary trip just six months after arriving in South Korea for not renouncing the gift.  My mom has spoken in tongues and so does my older sister.  I have no problems with tongues.

But I myself have never spoken in tongues.  This is a problem for many Christians who attend churches with the charismatic slant.  I find myself on the other side of the argument, though that analogy isn’t quite correct.  My parents refused to denounce tongues and were kicked out.  I refuse to agree that one must speak in tongues to evidence one's salvation and/or baptism of the Holy Spirit and because of that, I am met with authoritative opposition.

Why must we go to extremes?  Why must we, as brothers and sisters, as parts of a single body, tear at one another?  The devil may lay idle while we do his filthy work in destroying ourselves and our testimonies.


  1. I think part of drives us to extremes is that we want to be right. We want to know the Truth. We want to find the formula, the pattern, the "Biblical standard" for everything. And in so doing we miss other parts of Scripture: The parts about unity and love, the parts where God purposely tweaks His systems to bring about His will.

    I don't have solutions or answers, but I think these questions are fascinating. May God give us wisdom and draw us all closer to Him so that we find we are closer to each other as well.


  2. Luke, I thought you only read posts on Sonlight. :) I think you are right about that. I sure like to be right. In fact, I feel an earnest drive to know what is right so that I can do it. I have always been desperate to be a 'good girl.' How can you be good unless you know what is right?

    It is a good reminder to myself to avoid dogmatic or formulaic about life. Not many things seem to kill more quickly that regimented religion.


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