Saturday, January 8, 2011

We have finished our first quarter!

The first quarter is done with school.  I have to say that in my…oh, nine years or so of homeschooling, that this has been one of the best that I can remember—certainly the best in the last few years!  I am excited for what is coming ‘round the bend in the next few weeks.

We just finished the Book called The Kite Fighters.  We enjoyed that to pieces.  We are still reading Tales from (of?) a Korean Grandmother.  The coolest thing is how the stories reinforce one another.  We feel like automatic experts as one tradition or holiday is demonstrated first in one story, then the other.

I have to say that our Mondays are still a little tough to get off the ground and it is tempting to just waste away the day doing errands or chores.  But how blessed we are to shut out the noise so we may come together to learn and explore this wonderful creation together!

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