Thursday, January 13, 2011

Freedom as god

Just as worshipping trees or stars is a step short of truth, so is the worship of freedom. I must look deeper, look higher, to the Source and Creator of trees, stars, freedom and all else to find One worthy of worship.

I wouldn't ask a two year old to drive you anywhere.  That is because no matter how great, how sweet, how beautiful or how smart, that child is simply not up to the task. Expecting anything or anyone to know all and be all is to worship it, and only God is lives up to the hype.

Some think freedom means a life without any ties at all.  This sort of freedom as a god actually binds a person to isolation.  Remember the ‘freedom’ the Prodigal Son gained?  When one doesn’t choose to drop anchor anywhere, then one drifts oneself to a scurvy death!

To do anything less than living for God is bondage--a surprising irony for those who live for almighty freedom. To worship anything short of God is to dedicate myself and to obey something or someone who does not or cannot love me fully. How foolish!  How disastrous!

So, the bondage comes from loving something that does not love me.  Worshipping freedom for the sake of freedom is believing a lie. God gave me free will. It is something which many a man has tried to either control or eradicate. Freedom scares many. But the reason God gave us freedom in the first place is so that we might choose. In fact, calling it just ‘freedom’ doesn’t tell the whole story.  We probably ought call it ‘freedom to choose.’

A choice needs to be made. Even not making a choice is a choice. I choose God or I don't.  Sitting within the realm of freedom is an impossibility.  I’ve made a choice: and it isn’t God.

What can be discovered is that freedom exists in truth only when I commit to serving the Lord.  As I said, we all must choose to serve something.  Stars, Trees, Freedom, Self, Ambition, Family, Money, Pleasure, God.  I will serve something.  But serving anything but God binds me to something that will let me down.

When I choose to serve the Lord, I give the gift He gave me—my life—back to Him in trusting and dedicating service.  It is really quite a reasonable decision.  Who else but the Best to run the show, after all?  The One Who knows how it ends, Who sees the big picture, Who loves me better than I can love myself…I can’t imagine a better Captain at the wheel!

So, I give up my freedom to be a willing servant to the Most High.

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