Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday Boy! A-hem…I mean, MAN

Today is my hero’s birthday!  Oh, how blessed I am to even know such a wonderful man.  But I don’t just know him; I get to call him friend, partner, husband, hero.  When I met Brian, he was so cute!  His laugh was to die for.  And his relaxed, go-for-anything attitude was just what my tense-fearful attitude needed.

I was smitten immediately, even in my distracted state.  But friends had told him I was damaged and to stay away.  I couldn’t blame him for listening, so I worked to keep my feelings in check. 

Over on my side of things, my older sister insisted that Brian had been nothing less than prayed into my life by her, thank her very much!  I didn’t dare hope.

But we did come together and have grown together and enjoyed adventures together so completely that I have a hard time remembering he hasn’t always been alongside me in life.  I have infused him into my memories of events that happened before we met and am shocked when he can’t remember them.  Seriously, how blessed am I to be with someone who tolerates such insanity with a loving smile and kiss on my forehead?

Brian is 41 today.  I love him with all my heart.  Today our love is deeper and richer than when we first met.  More trials will come.  More fights will happen.  But I pray that they bring us ever closer so that our love today pales in comparison to our future.

I love you, Old Man!

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