Saturday, February 25, 2012

From where the blessings come…

I posted earlier about my sister, her illness and what she means to me. My younger sister and I would very much like to drive our five kids over to see her.  Neither of us is made of money and we have various obligations that fill our respective calendars, so this is an endeavor that will take a while to put together.  I think I might be able to go in June.  My little sis thinks we may need to be prepared to leave earlier.  My Quicken thinks that is not possible.  She retorted that money is only money and God will get us where we need to be and when.  Sisters have a special way of being snotty and holy at the same time.

I told her I wanted to bring all the kids and she worried about having a crowd in the house, especially if our older sister wasn’t feeling well.  It was my turn.  God would just have to provide a hotel room for us, too!  In spite of my lame attempt at one-up-manship, He is so good and knows our every need; it is a good things just to knowing He is there and cares.

Now it looks as though we don’t have a vehicle that we can trust to make the 60 hour, 3000+ mile trip, so we are trusting Him to help us afford a rental, as well.

The cool thing is that my church heard the need and responded with love.  Now we actually have some money on which to build!  I am humbled and encouraged to believe we may actually pull this off!  The money is a real gift to us, but there was more.  I shared our desire at women’s Bible study on a day when men were invited to join us because we had a spaghetti lunch following the meeting.  That means a dear man was there who has loved my family in his solid, ‘good-people’ way for over a decade.  He came and held me while I cried after the prayer time.  What an unspeakable comfort that was.


  1. Yes, such a sweet man he is. I know God will provide and praying for your sister.

  2. Yes, He is a sweet man. Praying for your sister. God will provide for your wants and the desires of your heart.

  3. Yes, such a sweet man he is. I know God will provide and praying for your sister.


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