Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My sister

If you want an idea of how I feel about my big sister, you can read my post about her on her last birthday almost a year ago.  Two days ago she called to let us know that her MRI showed that something is growing in the maw that the cancer left in her brain several years ago.  We knew the cancer that she had has a tendency of recurrence.  She has been going in for scans roughly every six months as a precaution—knowing it was the only wise procedure for her protection.  This call was almost inevitable—and may be a call many times in the future.

We are all sad.  We dread with her the treatment that is coming her way.  The uncertainty of the future and loss of control that is every person’s condition is made acutely obvious in a situation like that.  She really isn’t in circumstances that we don’t all share—we don’t know what tomorrow holds.  We don’t know how long we will live.  There is a whole lot about life that we cannot change.  Something like cancer just brings those facts to the forefront; we can’t ignore them.

Please pray for my sister, Diane.  She has a daughter getting married next summer.  She has people who love and depend on her.  I am not just talking about her immediate family or local church, though they are surely enough to warrant fervent prayer for Diane’s physical healing.  She has people who love her all over the States, and strewn throughout the world.  She is a precious woman who directs everyone she meets to her Savior.  Humor, wisdom, intelligence and—most of all—faith have defined her life and character.  Please join me in asking the Lord to allow her to continue to share these with her family and friends for more years to come.

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