Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not exactly the day I’d planned, but I’m not the one who directs my steps!

Last Wednesday my darling husband was out of town visiting his brother.  Knowing he’d be out of town, I planned on schooling the whole day.  Wednesdays for us are equivalent to normal-people-Sundays, and we tend to take it easy and just hang out without having too heavy an agenda for the day.  It is our regular day of rest.

But I knew Brian would be off all this week, which means no school, so I wanted to get lots of school done while he was gone for a week, even if that meant schooling on a regular day off. 

It didn’t quite happen that way.  The day prior, we had gone sledding with friends, then had this electrical freak-out of the house’s circuit breakers.  A friend came over to save us and we hung out a while (such a blessed time!).  That put us to bed later than usual after a day on the mountain, so we slept in a little late.  No problem, I thought, since we weren’t up against any time constraints.  We would just school late, end late and still have plenty of free time in the evening.

But then the dogs came in from the backyard covered in mud, which required emergency baths.  Then Madi had a cry over owning only three pairs of pants and a couple of sweaters.  Then I needed to run to the old house to see if a package was there… All of that pretty much blew our morning.

Instead of forcing a school day, we ran with what we had.  Madi got in some sewing (patches on tired jeans to stretch her and her brother’s wardrobes a bit).  Max got to do some creating with his Legos. We ran to the store to get stamps for some letter writing. And we bought peanut M&Ms as a total splurge for a Mommy-Max-and-Madi movie night.

So, no learning about knights or daimyos, but that is ok.  It’ll come.

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