Monday, February 27, 2012

Dog Daze

What a kitschy title!  I am almost ashamed.

I have complained about my dogs a lot.  We really do love them, but they sure produce a lot of work—you can see my sock below for an example.  Their most recent antics include creative escape tricks.  It got to where we wouldn’t let them outside unless someone took them out on a leash.  that got old pretty quickly and we just can’t trust them out on their own—they dig under and through layers of fencing—so our current attempt to keep our dogs has been to chain them up.

We aren’t thrilled about this plan.  I can still see the images of an old public service announcement with some whiney country song playing while a furry dog sat out in the rain.  Many have been sure to tell us every abuse and injury story related to chaining dogs, but we don’t have another option short of investing in a rental to further beef up the fencing. 

The first time we chained them up, Brian and I did it and we walked inside to watch from the windowed door.  Both dogs stared at us as if this were the most perplexing moment of their lives.  We are among the crazy pet owners who speak on behalf of our animals and we burst out simultaneously on the dogs’ behalf, ‘what the hell??’  And in keeping with the image of cruel people who chain their dogs outside, … we laughed.  Not a little chuckle, either.  We cracked up for a good five minutes while our poor defenseless dogs stared at us.  If the founder of the ASPCA were dead, he’d be rolling over in his grave.

Poor abused dogs…  I think if they were truly abused, they should be better behaved!

Here are some pics of our four legged kids.

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