Friday, February 24, 2012

Migraine Attack

I get migraines. Thankfully I haven't actually suffered from migraine in years. Why not? Because before the pain takes up residence I lose my vision. If I can load up on a wheelbarrow full of drugs while blind, I never am subject to the pain of a migraine. There is a narrow window of time, but I am highly motivated, so I haven’t missed it in years. 

Yesterday I lost vision. I took a little while before seeking medication so I had to ask my husband, who frowns on overdosing on drugs,—crazy!—for help in getting the pills of the package. So I was being all good and sweet, and chose to not ask for more than the recommended dose on the box. Big mistake!

I will never do that again. From now on, I say, “Bring on the wheelbarrow! Back up the dump truck!  Unload the cargo right into my waiting mouth, my liver be damned!”

As it was, I felt horrible. I was freezing with fever, nauseated, dizzy, disoriented, light and sound sensitive and breathing takes all the effort I can muster. My world was spinning so fast that I kept gripping the mattress so I wouldn’t fall off.  I haven't even begin to describe the HEADACHE!   It was as though I had sudden onset flu with a side of death.

Meds are my friend! My best friend. I will never be disloyal again.


  1. Poor girl! I think you need to put a note on the medicine bottle to remind Brian. :)

  2. Overmedicate. I have to do it some days also. I HATE the spinning of the room and the double vision. Sorry you had such a rough day.


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