Sunday, February 5, 2012

She IS awesome…

The other day I was having some Mommy, Max and Madi time.  I thought we were going to hang out together on the blowup mattress in the library and chat.  My daughter had something else in mind.  She lay herself across the mattress, claiming it all (loudly) for herself.  I just grabbed a pillow, threw it on her belly, and lay down on it.  She struggled, trying to shove me not just off of her, but off the whole mattress. 

I was a little incredulous.  I stared at her as she pushed and kicked and grunted.  Finally, I scooped her up and set her down on the floor.  I mean, really…had she simply forgotten she can’t beat me??  She wasn’t done.  She clamored across my body, clawing to get back on the mattress.

I asked her, a little exasperated, ‘why do you think you are going to win this?’  She gleefully announced through her struggling, “Because. I. Am. Awesome!”

How do you argue with that? 

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