Saturday, September 18, 2010


Heh heh… That makes me think of those lecherously shallow princes from Into the Woods.  Ah!  I needed the laugh.  I am trying on these new contacts.  I refer you back to my former post on this subject.

I am trying to be good and patient, but this is awful!  I can see that I probably have improved vision.  But I also feel like I am inside a fish bowl, and everything is a little warped.  My depth perception is off and seeing things up close is a chore—not a good thing for an avid reader and homeschooling mom who has to read a minimum of 3 hours out loud on school days! 

I keep trying to remember how it felt when I first got glasses.  I was about nine years old and up until I’d gotten the glasses the concept that one was supposed to see blades of grass or leaves on a tree was unknown to me.  I thought you were supposed to just visualize what was on the chalk board at school; I had no idea that chalk actually left visible marks.  And I was dizzy.  I felt taller; things seemed further away.

So, am I seeing so much better now that I am experiencing all that adjustment again?  I don’t know.  I don’t think my vision is improved all that much!  And frankly, I am not sure the disorienting migraines are even worth being able to see better.  I mean, just how well do I need to see the pillow over my face?

How much longer do I have to keep it up to be able to say without a doubt that I will not adjust and I want my old lamer but painless vision back?

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