Friday, September 17, 2010

Bible Study

We had a wonderful Bible study meeting the other night.  It is the first time our son joined us as a contributing member!  We are studying Acts in 14 weeks, so we are reading two chapters a week.  My son was a little wary about joining, surely he feared it would be terminally boring.  smile_wink  As we closed in prayer, however, he told the Lord that it was actually fun!  10215926

A number of topics piqued our interest from chapters one and two.  We discussed the Biblical validity and the specific grammar used regarding the concept of the Trinity.  Judas’ replacement process was also interesting to us.  Why did he need to be replaced at all?  There was more than one person eligible, but only twelve apostles appointed.  What is the significance of an apostle and do any exist today?  We also talked about the point at which one is considered to be saved: confession of faith, water baptism, baptism in the Holy Spirit, manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s baptism and what might qualify.  The nature of the studies my husband and I tend to do lately leaves a lot more questions than answers, and we really like it that way.    

Very neat stuff and quite a lot of meat for an 11 year old to digest.  I am really glad he enjoyed it.  I am also glad we are able to do a Bible Study where an eleven year old can, without reproach or distraction, hang upside down in a computer chair while listening and contributing because that is how he things best. smile_teeth

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