Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slow Down

When our children were babies we indulged in the family bed. Actually, my husband wasn't too fond of the practice because he feared rolling over on a child. Little did he know just how light a sleeper I was at the time. Regardless, if I'd been a more godly and obedient wife, we would have used a crib or bassinet.

June 2010 Dance recital 017But I wasn't, so our babies were in bed with us. Now, of course, they sleep in their own rooms. The only time they get into our bed is on our weekend mornings for snuggle time or through the night when my husband is away.  Even then, I tend to boot them to the floor so I can have some elbow room.  They are a little too expert at snuggling; why does no one ever fear the mother will be smothered when family bedding?

This morning we took Daddy to work so that we could have the van. It was still dark when we got home so we all, puppy too, piled into my bed for a nap.

I lay there, pressed on both sides by my children with a dog my legs wondering where I would put another child. As I reminisced about little bodies, it struck me that my son's even breaths were on my neck. Yet I became acutely aware that his foot was on mine, as well! Man, he is l-o-n-g!!  How did that happen?

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