Monday, September 20, 2010

The Sweet Life

00202046I knew September would be a doozy of a month for our schedule, but it has been surprisingly not-busy with outside things.  Lots of the activities we’d planned to attend were canceled due to finances, sickness or the scheduling conflicts of others’ calendars.  But, I think we’ve used the time off well.  However, it hasn’t really been much of a vacation

We have been big-project-ing ourselves to the extreme lately.  I just finished *most* of my obligations to the upcoming session of Club PALS and now it is time to relax! 

So, this new week will bring a new focus: togetherness and play; rest and relaxation.  We start school very soon and I want my kids—and myself—fully filled when we begin.  We are going to pick up a book, snuggle in bed and dive into wonderland! 

I pray you are blessed, as well.  Whether you are in the start-up frenzy of school, taking advantage of all the community offerings, or just doing the same-old-same-old, I pray you give thanks for the days the Lord has made!

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