Friday, September 10, 2010

Puppy Feet

I have to first say that I do  not make a habit of taking pictures of my kids with their heads out of the shots.  It is just a coincidence that it has happened twice in a week.  Puppy Feet!  max 09-2010 

Puppy Feet is the current nick name for my boy.  You know how you can speculate the size a dog will be by gauging the ratio of foot to body size?  Well, my boy’s feet are giant!  These photos really don’t show the wildly disproportionate rate at which his feet have grown in the last year.  Every time I look at them, I realize that he will grow into them, which is just an overwhelming thought!  The other thought is equally overwhelming—when he grows into them, I will forget to call him Puppy Feet.  He will be giant.  So exciting.  So sad.  So cool.Puppy Feet! Max, Sept 2010

It is more than just those feet that indicate he is growing up.  He is becoming more mature in so many ways.  He dreams big and hopes big.  He is developing a thoughtful and helpful character.  He is increasingly independent, and asking to be taught skills so that he can continue to do more things on his own.

I am enjoying his pursuits of adulthood.  I really take pleasure in talking about ideas with him.  He is perceptive and has a perspective that is unique.  Of course, I can hear myself and my husband in his words, but it is exciting as I hear him process our values to make decisions and judgment calls for himself. 

Those puppy feet are more than just physical.  Adolescence is upon us, and he is growing in rates that won’t even out proportionally for probably another ten years.  We are on a new adventure!

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