Thursday, September 23, 2010

Um..Mom, are you ever embarrassed being in your family?

This is not a question I ever expected to hear, but this is what happened.  Let me explain.  We were buckling up to go to our Get Fit class when I noticed my boy was wearing broken sandals.  So, I backed out of the driveway while he ran back into the house for his socks and tennis shoes. 

As I drove to the college track, he tried to get his socks and shoes on.  But, as I shared not too long ago, my son’s feet are growing like crazy.  (By the way, his new name is Puppy Duck.  Not only does he have disproportionately large feet, he is also flapping them when he walks and you can hear him slapping toward you from a mile away.)

So those big feet wouldn’t fit into his socks!  Why are these things always discovered while we are out and about??  I told him that when we got to the track, he and I could trade socks.  Then I had to laugh as I realized that I was wearing socks with blue flowers all over them.  I let him know and he said he was fine with that.  He was eager to point out that he’s never been one to get upset about appearances, and he would appreciate my laying off the wearing plaid with stripes nagging. 

My daughter, on the other hand, was listening to this interchange with a little bit more reservation.  That is when she posed her question.  So sweetly, so sincerely she asked, “Um…Mommy, are you ever embarrassed being in your family?  ‘Cause I’m sort of feeling that way now.  My brother is going to be wearing my mother’s flowery socks.”  smile_embaressed

I figured it would be good to mark this.  I am sure this is only the first of hundreds of times that I will be embarrassing my gal. 

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