Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ah! Forts!

Who doesn’t enjoy making a good fort?  My kids sure love it.  My daughter just designed a new rig and is proud as peaches to show it off.  She plans to sleep in it tonight, of course. Sept 2010 001

Sept 2010 003

She is my crafty and social one.  I think school vacations are most difficult for her.  She gets lonely and bored far more easily than my avid-reader and backyard-lover boy.  It takes more to entertain her.  She needs friends or projects or messes.  She needs more cuddling and listening, as well.  

Not that my son can’t talk anyone’s ear off, but my daughter’s talks are more emotional, requiring so much more from her listener.  My son tends to talk about his current book (the one he is writing or reading) or computer game.  He talks story lines and concepts.  My daughter talks feelings.  This happened and it was SO funny, SO sad, SO wrong, SO SO!  While I find myself able to relate more to my daughter’s reactions, it is more taxing to converse with her. 

Today she made herself a tent—not a fort, thank you very much!  She has a pillow serving as a campfire and another posing as a log-seat.  I am happy she’s found a project.  She is tickled pink—and I’m not so bad, either, since this time the tent is not in the middle of my living room!

 Sept 2010 006

Sept 2010 007

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