Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Cook Coming

My poor husband need suffer no more.  All summer I have been the worst wife when it comes to putting food on the table.  He has to run out and grab something, or make it himself in the kitchen.  I make no excuses.  I stink.

Madi the Chef and Hobo Camp 001But yesterday I pulled up the menu program, set up the shopping list and recipes and got ready to get going.  Today we took Daddy to work so we would have the van to do the shopping.  We’ve hit two stores already and have one more to go.  Tonight we will make three recipes and prepare for a few more.  Tomorrow morning we kick it into gear and become cooking crazies.September 2010 012

My kids have never done this before, but I have learned under the tutelage of one more experienced than I.  We will surely all three of us learn a lot!  The music will be blasting and the bags of prepared meals stacking up in the freezer.  Maybe after this when my poor hubby asks what’s for dinner, I will actually have an answer that won’t be sarcastic! 

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