Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love Me by JJ Heller

I haven't ever heard this song before, but in searching for favorites to share, I stumbled upon this. I found it to be so pretty.

I am often lonely, wishing and praying for a friend with whom I can be 'just me.' I remember lamenting this to my mom when I was in college. I told her, 'I have no friends with whom to play!' She laughed at how I said it and said, "Maybe that is why!"

I listened to this song and it struck me that I am probably not rare in my longing. I suppose we all feel lonely and different at some point or another.

I must remember that I am exceedingly blessed to have my Lord as a friend. We all do. But sometimes it doesn't feel like enough. And man, I feel guilty for even thinking that seemingly ungrateful, even blasphemous, thought! But then I think, 'He made us for relationship.'  It naturally follows that we want and need people.

I do have someone. I have my husband. I am totally me with him. I have no secrets. And in my most unlovely states, he actively loves me. I am blessed. I get to experience Jesus-caliber love from someone tangible. I would love an Anne Shirley-style kindred spirit of a girl friend. But when I sit and think--and climb out of my pity party--I realize I have two fantastic sisters who also love unlovely me. My kids take me for who I am and still want to be with me.

That is all pretty darn good!

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