Thursday, September 2, 2010

Praise the Lord!

00433820We seem to be blessedly out of the woods!  My darling man woke today and answered our daughter’s desperate question, ‘are you all, all, all, all better?’ with a ‘yes!’  YAY!  I posted about my husband’s food poisoning a couple of days ago—I usually am able to keep a few days ahead of things.  So with the wonder of modern technology, the plea for prayer gets to be followed immediately by proclamation of health!  In actuality, he fell ill Monday and was well Wednesday morning.  And no hospital visit needed!!


00434743Honestly, on Tuesday my biggest concern was the dehydration.  He looked so haggard and hollow, and he was shaking and dizzy.  Isn’t just like a man to lose 20 pounds in one night?  He claims it was more like 400!   I can’t stop the chuckle that escapes my throat unheeded every time he says it.


two in love The biggest blessing to my heart through it all was the wonder of the people in our lives.  People called, prayed and offered sympathy and advice.  My moms offered wise council, my sister did the same.  Friends offered child care.  I was humbled and blessed to overflowing by the loving care with which we were treated.

vacation!Now, all is well.  We are in a day of recovery and restoration.  We missed the cool tour to the Nevada State Museum, which is a disappointment, but we may hit it for vacation.  Our pay was cut by a halting amount this month, so our planned vacation is on hold. 


  1. As happy as I am that Brian is better, I am furious about the pay and the delay in your vacation. I am so, so, so, sorry!!

  2. Thanks, btw, for removing the CAPTCHA (crazy words I can't read) requirement for comment posting.

    Now, I think you should add a new 'Reaction' option: frustration, sympathy, shared irritation, whatever!

  3. We are really disappointed about the vacation, too. We've never seen the redwoods and the kids don't remember ever seeing the ocean. We haven't yet told them that we can't go. I think we are both holding out for a miracle.
    I changed the reactions just for you! :)


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