Monday, September 27, 2010

This is why I am the party planner of the family

In the car my husband and I were discussing our daughter’s upcoming birthday plans. He remembered a sweet little girl friend and asked why she hadn’t been invited to the party. I told him that finances (and house size) impose limits, and we had to keep the invitation list shorter than our actual list of friends.birthday

He was nonplussed and unsatisfied with my answer. He insisted we could fit this additional family. Not wanting to continue an opposition, I gently pointed out that I do need to buy some sort of party favor for each child we invite. His response? Crayons. Yep. Actually, that is not entirely accurate. In truth he said, ‘buy them each a crayon. and if you want, tie a ribbon around it.’

Ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t his first helpful suggestion at frugal hospitality, so y’all can thank the Lord that I am allowed to be the party planner of the family.

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