Thursday, October 14, 2010

How a boy watches a Barbie movie

I am so thankful that neither of my children have any issues with playing games or with toys of the opposite gender.  My son plays Littlest Pet Shop just as easily as my daughter goes after Lego Hero Factory.  She can out-wrestle any of us and loves worms.  With less enthusiasm, he knows every Disney princess and Barbie movie by heart.

Today they are watching a Barbie movie that they watched on her botched birthday.  She hadn’t been able to hear the movie that day, so she is having a do-over.  My son is with her, comforting her and trying to cheer her up. 

He was telling her that if the stair well in the castle would be all lined up it would make a message: ‘why do you get measles?’  That is one that sounded so weird I had to look at him and ask if he was just making stuff up.  He shrugged nonchalantly and said yes.

Unfortunately, his humor isn’t translating the lines of gender very well.  He is mocking the bad guy, ‘predicting’ the future, making CGI jokes… She just wants to watch the movie.

I so appreciate that he isn’t one of those boys who wouldn’t be caught dead watching such a girlie movie.  He isn’t mocking in order to declare some sense of masculinity.  He is totally in to being with his sister and he knows the movie from repeated showings.  But you can’t take the boy out of a boy.  What he sees is not what she sees. 

It is so funny to watch the two of them.

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