Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last hurrah

My husband had a mini vacation this week, and I am so glad that we actually did something with it.  Often I feel we waste his vacations, but this week we had a game night with friends, went to Burney Falls and then we went to Reno. 

In Reno we tried out a new Mediterranean restaurant, bought a rockin’ new card game, grabbed some treats for our beloved dog and made our mandatory Reno-stop to Barnes and Noble.

It was a whirlwind trip, but didn’t feel rushed in the least.  Trying new food was a neat experience and a lady even said our children are beautiful.  That is good for a momma-soul!  Best of all, we spent garage sale money, so there is no buyer’s remorse!!  That is fabulous!

When we got home, I womped his butt at the game and we watched The Truman Show with the kids—great mine for conversation!  As his last act of vacation, my husband stayed up past my own crash-time to watch a movie.  I hope he is fully full, equipped and loved for whatever work may bring.

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