Saturday, October 2, 2010

I should be Ashamed, I know

I was combing my daughter’s locks before I would let her go bike riding.  She is so eager to get out there because only yesterday did she discover that she is finally big enough to ride her big bike.  Up until now, she has been riding her brother’s smaller bike (she’s also wearing his old shoes, but that is a story for another time).

I was fighting through the tangles when my husband came in the room.  She announced so proudly that she can ride Thunder now!!  I smiled at him over her head as I watched him process what she was saying.  She elaborated, “My big bike!  I can ride my big bike, Thunder now!" 

My husband is a great dad so he gave her thumbs up and praising words, but I could see distraction in his eyes as he still pondered the name of the bike.  I thought he just thought it strange that she would name her bike at all.  I do.  He asked her why she named the bike thunder.  She answered because the bike is blue and fast.  Since thunder is in the sky, which is blue and is fast (ok…) it made sense to choose that as a name.

My husband said, “Did you know when I was your age I had a bike I named thunder?”  Ah…so that explains his odd expression.  How neat.  Then he said as he wandered into the kitchen, '”must be in the genes.”

My daughter, so pretty and sweet, adventurous and loving, called after him, “But I’m not wearing jeans!”

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