Monday, October 18, 2010

National Geographic

It has been so long since I have watched a National Geographic special that I forgot I knew them.  We have been watching them lately to supplement school.  We watched The Incredible Human Body yesterday and one on volcanoes today.  A couple of days ago got me started when I watched one on their photographers. 

Now, when the trumpets blast, ‘ba ba ba bAAA bum, ba ba ba baaa bum…’ this flood of memories wash over me.  My grandma and I used to watch the shows together!  It is such a unique sensation to be thoroughly caught in a memory.  When the memory is positive, such as this is for me, there is a desire to go deeper.  But the deeper you go, to more involved the senses are, and it is almost dizzying.national-geographic-channel

We’ve enjoyed the films we have watches so far, and the queue is full of more.  I am even more excited about watching them now than I was before. (I am a poet!)  I will be learning, teaching my kids and snuggling with my grandma all at the same time.  Phew!  I hope I will be able to keep my eyes dry!

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