Monday, October 4, 2010

How do you spell chew?

We started our spelling with –ew words.  I let the kids know that we would be playing with this family for a while.  Our first word was chew.  I say the word, use it in a sentence and say the word again.  The next step is my kids taking turns spelling the word aloud.  It usually goes something like this.

It is an –ew word with ch at the beginning.  Simple, right?

Imagine my surprise when my daughter gets up to spell—she does it like a rock star, which I allow because it is better than the tears we used to battle before discovering said rock star—and she shouts/sings, “It’s a WE word with oou and the eeeennnnnd!!!”

Sometimes I am just rendered speechless.  Weoou spells chew?  Who knew?

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