Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not the memory we’d planned

So, yesterday was my daughter’s birthday.  We were planning this big ballerina tea party.  We haven’t done a big party in quite a while and I haven’t seen her anticipate her birthday the way she has this year.  I have actually been disciplining her because she’s been talking about it so much for so long.
The afternoon before her day her brother got sick.  For a short time he had a headache, but he also had a fever.  We were all worried this would cancel the party.  It turns out the fever lasted about six hours in total.  If you can sign up for a type of sick to get, this is the line you’d want to be in!
The morning of her birthday, I got up early with the kids.  We cuddled and talked about the day and were all about the plans of the day.  Then the birthday girl said she had a headache.  I told her to take a shower and we would see how she felt afterward.  I wrote in this blog while she readied herself for her big day.
Then I realized she’d been missing a while.  I went in search for her and found this figure on the rug of her room, wrapped in a towel too small, still wet and undressed, curled into the fetal position.  I came to her and asked what she was doing.  She answered that she had a headache.  I went to get the thermometer and it read 101.7.  Shoot!  A tear slipped from the corner of her eye as she said, ‘On my birthday?!’
I asked her what she wanted to do.  She said she just wanted to put on pajamas and go to bed.  She didn’t even mention her favorite dance class coming up in a couple of  hours.  So the party was canceled.
I am so proud of how she did.  After that tear, not a single utterance of complaint came from her.  Fever and nausea, vomiting and headache, nothing brought out a temper or self-pity. 

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