Saturday, October 9, 2010

My boy

Check this out!  I keep this on my wordle page, where everyone in the family has fooled around with designs.  This particular one is my son’s.  I was so intrigued to hear the words he came up with to describe his passion for books—both writing them and reading them.  They are big words.  I only wish I could have captured his inflection when saying them. 

Such passion!  When he gets a strong feeling about something, his body emanates it. His eyes widen, his finger spread on his outstretched hands, his back is straight and he gets this beautiful smile.  The release of tension is visible when he is able to find just the right words to describe what he is feeling as he leans back, slaps his knee and laughs.

I got to see this in full display while he created this image.  As he called out words that he links to his love for writing and reading, it was so neat to see the cycle of excitement and relief when he found the right word, and excitement build while searching for another.

He is such a sweet kid, sincere to the bone.

I think it is that sincerity that resonates when he talks about something that excites him.  You know it is genuine, that he doesn’t get intense about just anything.  You know you are seeing the true self of my son. 

He designed that graphic on his own.  The color, the font, and the arrangement of the words are all his.  I found it most interesting that he chose the every-which-way positioning of the words.  I resist that particular layout myself.  Feels too messy.  My son tends toward the OCD side of the family, so I thought he would feel the same way.

It is so neat to learn something new about my kids, especially when it happens so spontaneously like through creative expression.  Have fun making your own designs! 

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