Friday, October 29, 2010

More Pictures from Burney Falls

I just loved all the pics, and need a whole post to show them off!

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 001

The family.

 Burney Falls, )oct 2010 005

My kids on a bridge that scares me.  I am not sure where I was when this was taken…Probably running from it.

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 007

Pretty river scene that I missed because it is from the scary bridge.

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 024 

This woodpecker was unafraid enough to let us watch him for a while when we were both coming and going on the trail.  So beautiful!

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 031

My kids, taking a break from the uphill climb.  I can share here that my son wanted to rock climb.  All the way down, he kept finding ‘perfect’ places to climb, rather than stay on the trail.  I tried to console him by telling him that on our way back to the parking lot, our hike would be a climb.  We walked in a silence for a little while and then he said, ‘that really means we will only be hiking uphill.’  Ah, when they were young and gullible…

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 033

Aren’t they cute?

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 036

Here is a little tiny bit they could actually climb!!  Yay!

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 038

My daughter took this picture of a most handsome man!  I need to get my hands on him!

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 043

In our California History Class, we learned about this trail you can walk from Mexico to Canada.  I was so excited when I heard that we could access that same trail just a tenth of a mile up from the falls trail.  We couldn’t pass up the photo op!

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 090

So cool!  Sadly, because of construction, this was about as close as we could get to the falls.  We are being positive, though, and saying that it gives us a good excuse to go back in spring!

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 097

This is from the other side of the river from the picture just before it.

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 102

This picture just cracks me up.  I should crop it to get a better view of my boy, but he looks so funny pancaked out in the wilderness.  He says he was trying to not scare that woodpecker. 

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 106

One of the gifts from God I most treasure is a friend willing to walk the trail with me. 

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 107

This tree was the perfect seat, growing horizontally from the hill before reaching up vertically.

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 109

My boy takes a turn in the tree chair.

Thomases with Max and MAdi

Our friends with our kids.


Piggy Back!


Me, too, me too!

mom and Madi at Burney

Last Picture

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