Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long autumn walks

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 092Burney Falls, )oct 2010 095








Burney Falls, )oct 2010 039

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 060








Tuesday was a gift of a day for my family.  With some dear friends, we drove up to Burney Falls for a day of hiking, picnicking and picture taking. 

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 045I got over one hundred shots with my own camera, plus I used our friends’ camera to get some beautiful photos of them in front of the falls and on a nostalgic looking rustic bridge. 

Our time at the falls also afforded us some up-close observation of a couple of animals.  We got to see this fabulous woodpecker who was kind enough to put on a show for us both on our way down to the falls and when we returned.  During lunch, there were three or four fierce blue jays sparing with several squirrels all providing enough comic relief to qualify our picnic as ‘dinner and a show.’


Burney Falls, )oct 2010 085 Burney Falls, )oct 2010 081









I love walking when it is cold.  I don’t especially enjoy being cold, but there is freedom knowing that I only need to walk faster or further and I will warm up.  On the contrary, I find walking in the heat brutally miserable.  You can’t do anything to get cooler.  But in the fall…the world is on fire with color, but cool enough to linger among the colors to enjoy them.

Burney Falls, )oct 2010 062

It was a fantastic day!

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