Friday, October 1, 2010

My “Q.P.”

My husband and daughter were snuggling/wrestling on the couch together while bantering back and forth.  My husband called her a pajama princess.  She wasn’t thrilled to be in her pajamas, though I hadn’t the foggiest notion what her objection might be.  He said she is a P.P. and he loved her.  She smiled and the resentment over wearing pjs to bed melted.

She snuggled up under his chin and called him H.D: Handsome Daddy.  So sweet.  Then H.D: Hairy daddy.  Equally honest, at any rate.  He called her S.P.: Sweet Princess.  Then Q.P.: Cute Princess….  I’m sorry?  Beg pardon?  Q.P.  Cute Princess.

OK.  So sometimes we don’t represent homeschooling so well.

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