Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We are wrapping up our Pacific Islands study, and as our grand finale, we had a luau!!  My husband had the day off, we had the new clothes and decorations, so today was the day!

Instead of burying a whole pig with yams in the back yard for a day, we took the simpler route by baking a nicely glazed ham and delicious sweet potatoes.   So yummy!  My prince of a husband got not just the food bought and prepared, but he also put up the decorations!  How cool is that?  the kids prepared for their island presentations by drawing depictions of the two different island types.

I have been concerned that the higher level of material would make it difficult for my daughter to process the experiences of this year.  That is why we will be doing these themed days each time we finish learning about a people group or area.  I hope it will help plant some long lasting memories in the minds of my precious lambs.

 Core 5 school 003    Core 5 school 006 Core 5 school 028Core 5 school 008 Core 5 school 009    Core 5 school 015 Core 5 school 004Core 5 school 016 Core 5 school 017 Core 5 school 018 Core 5 school 022 Core 5 school 025

Australia, here we come!

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