Thursday, December 29, 2011

Counting my blessings

We are blessed beyond the curse of this fallen world!

During this crazy month of change, my older sister and my dad gave us money.  My little sister dropped the obligations of her busy life to help us move. She almost hit a dear carrying a load from old to new houses, then actually hit and ran over a buck on the way home!  A friend recovering from surgery took time to check on us throughout the week.  Another friend who moved out of town continued to check on me and encourage us through the ups and downs of moving. 

And another friend who has been going through the adoption process invited us to witness the final legal proceedings at the courthouse.  What an incredible blessing that was to us.  For them to think of us at all was wonderful.  But to get outside our own narrow point of view—this was after our night without heat—and see the bigger world with its evils and blessings was just what we needed. 

God is good!

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