Thursday, December 8, 2011

My funny man

My husband is awesome.  I couldn’t ask for any more.  If I think on it too long, I actually get a little insecure, knowing that the ‘awesome’ balance between us isn’t so balanced.

He has this funny quirk, though.  There was a time that I would say he could sleep standing up through an earthquake.  He slept through everything.  But lately, he has become a little more high maintenance.  The doors need to be closed because our daughter’s music and rabbit keep him up.  He needs a blanket over him, but runs hot.  That means the room has to be cold enough for this hot guy to need a blanket. 

The other night I told him he is a princess.  Without missing a beat he said that he only smells like one because I keep spraying him with perfume.  (What do YOU do to combat the less-than-pleasant-smelling rumblings in the night?)

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