Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Macho, Macho Lady!

I love moving furniture around.  It allows me opportunity to clean the hidden places and to freshen the look and feel of our rooms.  As we have accumulated heavier and more things, combinations of arrangements reduce dramatically.  In my living room, there are weeks where I move the couches on a daily business.  But we have this ridiculous mammoth TV.  It sits delicately balanced on a stand not really designed to bear its weight.  The last time we moved it, we called on a friend and both men hurt their backs in the process.

But the other day I got a wild hair!

With the help of the kids (and my leg power),  we swapped my little office space with the TV.  We packed up the movies and condensed filing cabinets and moved the keyboard into the boy’s room, so the living room really opened up.  The new look is for only a few weeks, but we had a blast working together to get everything in place, and the new arrangements feels nice and clean. 

Remember the hidden dirty places?  We haven’t moved the TV in something like eight years, so the corner behind it was coated in over a centimeter of dust.  Max measured.  That’s embarrassing!  I almost took a picture, but just couldn’t bring myself to document it.  Scary!

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