Friday, December 16, 2011

Way to go, Homeschooling mom!

So, did you know that today, December 16th is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party?  I didn’t until my cool Oriental Trading Company Calendar with Every Holiday Under the Sun told me so.  I did, however, include it in our personal calendar, along with all the other cool days, because, you know…. I’m a Homeschool Mom.  We Homeschool Moms don’t miss fun teaching opportunities.

So, my daughter asks about this day, and I say it is a day to remember how cold it gets on the pass between Aunt Katie and us and what astonishing sacrifices were made to settle this land.  I go on and on, including some rather darkly humored jokes that I am now too ashamed to share here.

While I ‘teach,’ I notice my son is looking at me very strangely.  He continues to look more and more confused as I continue to expound on the tragedy of the ‘Boston Tea Party.’  Finally, Max asks,  “Do you mean to be talking about the Boston Tea Party, really?”  We stare at one another a full minute before it dawns on me.  The Boston Tea Party!!  Taxation without Representation!  New Englanders dressed like Indians, Boston Harbor becoming tasty!  Shoot. 

The Boston Party really oughtn’t be confused with the Donner Party.  I am properly chagrinned and even more ashamed of my stupid jokes.

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  1. Good think Max was listening and set you straight.


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