Thursday, December 22, 2011

Movie Time

Great Musicals

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Singin’ in the Rain

White Christmas

Holiday Inn

Daddy Long Legs (Is that a musical?)

Easter Parade

Wizard of Oz

American in Paris

Into the Woods

Peter Pan

Once Upon a Mattress

Care to add to the list???

Great Epic Movies


Lord of the Rings

Star Wars

The Matrix—Max said he watched one scene from this movie and had nightmares for weeks.

Timeless Movies

A Knight’s Tale

Lady Hawk

Princess Bride

Father Goose

Family Movies

Ramona and Beezus (or is it Beezus and Ramona?)

Nim’s Island

Toy Story movies

Shrek movies (we like 1&2 best)


Men in Black movies

Madi says she likes all Barbie movies

Narnia movies

The Santa Clause movies (again, we like 1&2 best)

The kids like Labyrinth and other Jim Henson movies.


Big—though we fast forward a couple of times with the kids

13 Going on 30—I watched this with my more conservative brother-in-law and am less of a fan

Discussion starters for our family

Big Fish

Truman Show

Bruce Almighty

Even Almighty

I, Robot

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